Mental Skills Coaching

Mental Skills coaching is built on evidence-based techniques, theories, and research in the field of sport and performance psychology. Performers of all ages, levels, and fields can optimize how they perform mentally. Coaching can be done one-on-one or with groups and teams.

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Individual Sessions


You will work with Katie on creating a customized mental training program to utilize during practice and competition. By learning to control your thoughts, you can then have greater control of your emotions, which ultimately affects your performance. Core concepts and personalized exercises will help produce a mental skills training program that can help you preform optimally.

Each session is 50-minutes and can be in-person or via video call. Within each session, you will work on tools and techniques to enhance your performance. The areas of mental performance that you will learn and refine include:

  • imagery

  • increasing confidence

  • decreasing performance anxiety

  • controlling emotions

  • creating an ideal focus

  • maintaining motivation

  • increasing resiliency

You will also receive exercises, handouts, and supplemental materials to assist in achieving your ideal mindset for performance, along with email/phone/text support when necessary. Each session is customized for you to achieve optimal success. To see if mental skills coaching is right for you,

Group Sessions

These sessions are available for a variety of groups such as sports teams, businesses, and organizations interested in enhancing team cohesion, mental skills, and leadership. Sessions are based on the needs of the group and will be tailored accordingly.

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Youth Basketball Team
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