About Katie



BA in Psychology,

Sonoma State University

MA in Sport Psychology,

John F. Kennedy University

Certification in Holistic Nutrition,

Bauman College

Professional Memberships


Association for Applied Sport Psychology

National Association of Nutrition Professionals

My Story


Hello and welcome! I am Katie Jones, the creator of Optimizing Your Well-being. The idea of Optimizing Your Well-being was created after I experienced my own overhaul of my diet and lifestyle. I had always considered myself a relatively "healthy" eater, but everything changed after I decided to do an elimination diet to identify any food intolerances. During that elimination diet, I realized how the food I was eating was impacting my energy, my mood, my sleep, and my overall well-being. After this experience, I wanted to know all I could about the power of nutrition.

I enrolled in Bauman College's Certified Nutrition program and never looked back. While in school, I learned that not only the quality of our foods matter, but also our environment. The products we use, the amount of movement we get, how we handle stress, and our mindset all have an impact. The more I learned at Bauman, I began to see a connection in how my training in Sport Psychology paired so well with helping others make these lifestyle changes.

After spending the last ten years working with athletes, exercisers, and the military on their mental performance (Sport Psychology), it was time to re-imagine how those tools and techniques could help others. Which brings me here to Optimizing Your Well-Being. I am excited to offer nutrition, lifestyle, mindset, and sport psychology coaching.


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